Free Second Opinions* on Major Heater Repair and Replacement Lexington

Have you received a repair estimate or a full system replacement exceeding $1700? Need a second opinion on the whether it’s really necessary or if you are being severely overcharged?

We want you to feel confident in your decision to repair or replace your current air conditioning system.

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Before you commit to an expensive repair or full system replacement, give us a call. We are happy to provide a free second opinion to ensure you have the correct diagnosis on your HVAC system. This service is provided to you at no charge* and you are under no obligation to use Evans Heating and Cooling. We want to make sure you know all of your available repair options and make sure your heating or cooling estimate is fair and accurate.

There are many registered air conditioning and heating companies in the Columbia SC area…. have you hired the one that will act in your best interest? At Evans, we like to sleep well at night knowing we have lived up to our high standards of business integrity, treated our clients with respect and completed an honest days work.

The small print: To receive a free 2nd opinion, you must have a written proposal or invoice from another registered HVAC company exceeding $1700.

Common FAQ’s About Second Opinions on Heating Repairs

What Is A Second Opinion?
A second opinion on a heater repair or heating system replacement is just that. We look at the printed offer of repair or replacement of another company and provide you with a quote on doing the exact same work. We believe many companies drastically overcharge for HVAC repairs and we can do it better for less.
Why Should I Obtain A 2nd Opinion
HVAC repairs are expensive. Whole system replacements are even more expensive. It is in your best financial interest to ensure you are receiving a good deal from a quality contractor. In some cases, an HVAC contractor may simply have made an honest mistake. In other cases, there could have been a mistake made in measuring the system size required. And, in other situations, you are simply being charged too much money. Why not find out for sure?
When Should I Get A Second Opinion On Furnace Repairs?
The answer is based on the answer to these 3 questions:
1. Is my estimated repair over $1700?
2. Do you have an existing relationship with the contractor providing the estimate?
3. The price of the “fix” just doesn’t seem right or you are uncomfortable for any reason.

When you find yourself having these doubts, you should get a second opinion. Most reputable service companies like Evans are more than happy to provide you with a quick but thorough second opinion. That way, you can either verify your suspicion that something isn’t right or put it to rest and be able to make your decision with confidence.


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